Owning Tomorrow Leadership Series by John Furth

CEOs can live just about anywhere in the world.except on a secluded island. The best business leaders require regular access to a wide variety of ideas, insights,perceptions, and expertise to:

Stay informed on a variety of issues .

Make the best decisions possible

Stay at least a few steps ahead of everyone else

They also know that despite all the telecommunication advances, it’s virtually impossible to build and maintain high-performing teams without regular face-to-face time. And when it comes to the area of strategy, long-term planning, and visioning, it’s not uncommon for CEOs to call on McKinsey, BCG and other strategy consultants for help. The fact is, however, that anything that has to do with the future of their enterprise requires a CEO to exhibit true leadership.To read about the danger zone CEOs can find themselves in if they rely too much on these erstwhile “trusted advisors” to get the job done.

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